Chicks Dig It

“Are you sure you don't want to come, Jess?” Dannie asked putting the final touches on her make-up and looking over at the redhead sitting solemnly on her bed.

“You're going on a date.” Jessie said meeting her eyes with solemn almost dead violet eyes.

“I know, but that doesn't mean that you can't come.” Dannie told her gesturing with a lipstick wand.

“You don't need a third wheel.” Jessie said, her tone flat.

“No, I don't need one.” Dannie said, rearranging two chunks of hair. “But I wouldn't mind one, if it meant you getting out of the house.”

“I know you're worried about my social life.” Jessie said with a repressed sigh. “But I can't.” There was that sound of resolution in Jessie's tone again. Like it'd be given that she'd spend the rest of her life missing something she never even really had. Granny had been urging caution, though how much Granny knew or guessed was—well anyone's guess. And Dannie was trying to give it time, but still. It killed her to see Jess like this. Jessie was smoothing over the sepia tone sheets on Dannie's bed, paying no attention to anything other than the wrinkles on Dannie's bed.

“Can't or won't?” Dannie heard herself asking, then wanted to kick herself as Jessie's eyes came up an unnaturally bright light in them. She hated that light it was like Jessie was burning herself out with it.

“I don't want to fight about this, Dannie.” Jessie said, her tone tired.

“Come on, Jess,” Dannie said sitting down on the bed next to her and touching a coppery red curl comfortingly. “You can't just give up on living.”

“I'm not.” Says you. “I'm just giving you and Rob a chance for a good first date... without me.” Jessie told her. “Maybe mom and I'll go get pizza. She said something about renting a movie, or we could just pop in...”

“Dragonheart?” Dannie suggested.

“You know me too well.” Jessie shook her head.

“I'm your best friend, there's no such thing.” Dannie reminded her.

“I don't even know what you're going to do next.” Jessie flopped back on the bed. “And I'm your best friend.”

“But when I'm in a mopey, I hate the world mode you know exactly what I'm going to do.” Dannie said. “I mean come on, if I were going to be staying in tonight what would I be doing?”

“Watching old comedies with Granny until she went to bed, then popping in the,”

“Rocky Horror Picture show.” They said in unison. “And giggling so hard that you wake up my mom.” Jessie added.

“It's classic, sweetie.”

“I have never seen the attraction.”

“You've never seen the attraction of stiletto boots or leather sex, doesn't mean there isn't one.” Dannie said innocently batting her lashes.

“Dannie!” Jessie was as red as her hair.

“I don't see the attraction in leather sex either, relax.” Dannie said. “Though the clothes kick ass.”

“If you say so.”

“And I do say so.” Dannie said with a stiff nod.

“Isn't Rob going to be here soon?” Jessie asked with an exasperated sigh.

“Are you trying to get rid of me?” Dannie asked feigning a sniffle.



“Dannie! Rob's here!” Dannie's grandmother, an amused looking older woman wearing what looked like a witch's dress and hat answered the door. “She's upstairs, probably trying to get Jessie to come with you.” Mrs. Parkinson shook her head. “Not that Jess would go, poor kitten.”

“What?” Rob asked.

“Oh, never mind,” Mrs. Parkinson said with a smile. “Just old woman's meandering, dear.” Rob looked around curiously. Of course he'd heard of the Parkinson house, somehow, smack in the middle of a modern subdivision of cookie cutter houses, here was this blue and lavender gingerbread Victorian with pink shutters and white trim. And the neighborhood covenant was constantly irritated because they couldn't make Mrs. Parkinson paint it a different color unless she petitioned the covenant to do so, and they couldn't do anything about the house standing in all it's Queen Anne glory, because Mrs. Parkinson followed all of the covenant rules to the letter. To the letter, but not to the spirit. So the covenant continued to groan and Mrs. Parkinson continued to tweak their noses.

He looked around the front entry hall which was papered in a warm inviting crème colored paper and dark wood paneling with antique advertising posters framed and hung on the wall along with tons of black and white photos turning sepia and crème with age. There was a Persian rug on the floor contrasting beautifully against the polished wood floor. How did they manage all the woodwork in this house though? Rob wondered.

“Dannie? If you're going to take too much longer I'll have to drag Poor Rob into the parlor and press cookies and tea on him.” Rob noticed that Mrs. Parkinson had the faintest bit of an English accent to her voice, a colloquial tone to her voice. It sounded a bit like that friend of his father's from Cornwall, but Mrs. Parkinson had lived here for as long as anyone could really remember, so that was... well... odd. He'd never have guessed.

“I'm coming!” Dannie called back. “Wait a minute and you can press cookies and tea on Jess instead, if you start feeding him I'll never get him out the door!” Rob laughed along with Mrs. Parkinson. There was a flurry of activity at the head of the stairs and Rob swallowed back the laughter almost feeling like he was going to swallow his tongue. Dannie wore a black satin corset overlain with lace, a black floaty chiffon skirt with roses and trim, and as she lifted her skirt to descend down the stairs he noticed black leather platform boots. She looked rather like a Gothic Cinderella, her piled up in a glossy black confection that spilled curls down her pale neck.

“Hi.” She said flashing him a grin, he noted that she was wearing vampire fangs.

“Hi.” Rob said, feeling, and sounding, a little breathless.

“You look great.” Dannie said. Rob swallowed and looked down, trying to remember what he was wearing, which was long sleeved fishnet shirt and a corset with a black vinyl kilt and boots equal to Dannie's.

“You—too—I mean you look stunning.”

“Better than Alex already.” Jessie commented from the top of the stairs leaning against the wooden railing her chin on her crossed arms.

“He used to show up with a “are you really wearing that?”.” Dannie rolled her eyes.

“Sounds like an—,” he choked off shooting a look at Mrs. Parkinson who was grinning.

“Yeah. One of those.” Dannie said with a nod. “Don't wait up Granny.” She kissed her grandmother on the cheek.

“How else am I to know if you're in by curfew.” Mrs. Parkinson teased.

“Ask Mrs. Levitt.” Dannie said cheekily and Jessie snorted, choking back laughter.

“Come on, now Jessie, someone's got to drink my tea.” Mrs. Parkinson said waving to them as they passed out of the house.


Obscurité, it meant Darkness and it was perfect for Halloween. The interior of the club was dark, the walls covered in what looked like peeling paper, the floor what looked like old nearly rotted wood. The tables however were black iron and glass and the stools covered in blood red velveteen. It was actually a three part club, one side the one they were on was little more than an overpriced juice bar. On the other side of the dancing part of the club was a bar and several sharp eyed bouncers who kept the kids from sneaking into the bar.

Dannie had no intention of sneaking into the bar, she was having too much fun listening to the music as it ricocheted off the walls, an eclectic mix of modern rock, goth, techno, and hair bands, the floor almost throbbing with bass, and talking to Rob when they could actually talk over the music. She didn't come here often, it was a little ways outside of town and Jess refused to set foot in the door. Dannie had no idea what she'd heard about the place, but Jessie would not even entertain the mention of going here. And when she wasn't dating anyone, well they ended up hanging out at Gallo's cause clubbing by yourself was about as much fun as a chemistry final.

The DJ put on a slow song and Dannie looked at Rob who ran a hand through his hair.

“So do you dance?” She asked.

“Well—yeah, actually.” Rob said.

“Good.” She grabbed his hand and all-but-drug him out onto the dance floor. It was actually one of her favorite songs. She loved Def Leppard and Two Steps Behind was beautiful. Rob put his hands on her waist and she locked arms around his neck and they swayed in time to the music.

Rob was looking at her with an almost unbelieving expression as she brushed his hair out of his face.

“What?” She asked leaning just a little closer to him and resting her head on his shoulder.

“Just...” He shrugged and Dannie decided not to push it. They danced until the end of the song then Dannie looked up. “What time is it?”

Rob looked at his wrist. “Quarter after twelve.”

“Mmmm.” Dannie murmured. “What do you say to getting some hearing back?”

“Like what?” Rob asked. Dannie's mouth twitched up in a grin.

“A ride maybe?”

“Are you dating me for my motorcycle or for me?” Rob asked with a grin back.

“Can't I be doing both?” She smirked.


“I had fun tonight.” Rob commented as he pulled the motorcycle to a stop in front of the Parkinson house.

“Me too, even if you do like country. How can you reconcile that?” Dannie asked putting her hands on her hips.

“I guess the same way you do angry girl rock and being a “goth”.” Rob shrugged. “It's good music.”

“Whatever.” Dannie said.

“So now what?” Rob asked, curiously.

“I think now you kiss me goodnight.” Dannie said, her dark eyes never leaving his face. Rob swallowed hard, but put a hand under her chin and tilted her head up. She cocked her head to the side and leaned into him the stiff fabric of her corset pushing into his own as she leaned her full body into him. Her arms snaked around his neck and her eyes closed. He lightly brushed his lips across hers.

Then Rob found out how strong Dannie's arms were, because they tightened around his neck, pulling him into her so there was absolutely no space in between them, and her lips were pressed into his a lot more gently than her body was pressed against his. Rob sighed a little when the lightning storm of their kiss abated and Dannie released him.


Dannie noticed as she turned to walk up the front walk and opened the white picket gate that there was still a light on in Jessie's living room, and there was a pale, freckled face with bright red hair peeking past the white curtains in the living room. Dannie paused and gestured toward it. Jessie came out of the front door having tossed a jacket on over her pajamas and walking across the lawn in her slippers.

“So?” Dannie asked knowing by the way Jessie's pale face was pink in the moonlight, she'd been peeking for the length of the kiss.

“I wasn't watching, I mean I heard the motorcycle pull up. I was—still awake.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“So?” Jessie asked.

“We had a good time.” Dannie said with a grin.

“That's good.”

“So next time wanna come clubbing with us?”


“You always say that.” Dannie said.

“How was the kiss?”

“Interesting.” Dannie said thoughtfully.

“Interesting? What a weird way to qualify a kiss.” Jessie said, pouting a bit as Dannie was being analytical of something romantic.

“Yeah, interesting, as in I think I'd like to do that again.”

“Jessica Elizabeth Pendragon!” Dr. Blaise called from the front door where she stood with a robe wrapped around her. “Tell me you're not outside in your pajamas with the door open.”

“She's not, it's a belated Halloween costume, Pajamas are in this year, Dr. B!” Dannie called back.

“Good night, Dannie.” Dr. Blaise said tapping her foot on the doorstep.

“Night, Jess.”

“Night, Dannie.”