Which Merlin's Isle Couple are you?

1. How did you get together with your significant other
You fought the forces of evil together, who couldn't fall in love over that?
You thought s/he was hot and you basically tripped him/her and beat him/her to the ground
S/he did something incredibly nice for you, something no one else ever had.
You woke up one day and looked in the mirror and knew you'd never find anyone half as great as yourself.
S/he asked and seems willing to put up with your...quirks

2.What's your significant other's biggest draw
His/her courtly manner
S/he is the only person—this week—who's as hot as you are.
His/her devil-may-care attitude, that and no one else has ever paid attention to you.
Why everything, the hair, the charm, the smile, *kisses mirror*
His/her eyes and that s/he understands you like no one else does

3. What's the biggest strength in your relationship?
S/he's always got your back and would do anything for you.
It's not too serious, cause you're always looking for the next one.
S/he is there for you and s/he makes you laugh
You don't have to find anyone else, you'll always adore yourself
S/he gets you and is not afraid when other people are to tell you when you're being off.

4.What's the biggest weakness in your relationship?
You think s/he's too good for you and that eventually s/he's going to figure this out for themselves.
Weaknesses? This is starting to sound all serious... It's never serious.
You're not completely sure s/he's 100% faithful to you. S/he tends to tell you what you want to hear more than the truth.
There are no weaknesses, you're completely 100% perfect for you.
You tend to come down on opposite ends of the spectrum and sometimes it's important that you agree.

5.Is your significant other likely to cheat on you?
I don't... think so...
Cheat? On me? *scoffs* I'm the best thing that's ever happened to him/her
Well, you know, maybe... okay probably... but s/he really does love me!
With whom? I enjoy my own company far too much.
S/he'd better not if s/he wants to live.

6.What's your relationship's theme song?
I Love You – Sarah McLachlan
Battle of Who Could Care Less – Ben Folds Five
Hangin' by a Moment – Lifehouse
It's Hard to Be Humble – Mac Davis
Crash – Dave Matthews Band

7.If you were to compare yourself to a famous couple it'd be...
Romeo and Juliet... without the dying part, but you're completely star-crossed
Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio... s/he may love you, but you're completely onto the next person, plus Marilyn Monroe was super cool
Tristan and Isolde... you're completely in love with each other but it'll be disaster if anyone finds out. Plus you probably shouldn't be together anyway.
Narcissus... need I say more. I love me
Hans Solo and Princess Leia

8.How do your parents feel about your relationship?
They're completely okay with it and support us completely.
Um, they probably won't even meet this guy/girl so what's the point in telling, plus they sleep around too.
My parents don't know... and they'd probably kill me if they ever found out.
Well they might think I'm a little self-obsessed but who cares?
Think it's completely amusing, but stay out of my life

9.You and your significant other are
Partners, totally. Complete equals.
Probably going to break up soon, there are so many fish in the sea and this one's getting stale.
Maybe not the best choice for each other? Maybe? But s/he loves me, that counts right?
The best possible match. It's hard to be humble when you're this perfect.
Polar opposites, but we both work on it.

10.You're going to...
Live happily ever after, of course.
Last maybe a week
Live happily maybe after?
Always enjoy my own company
Who knows? We'll enjoy the ride wherever it takes us.