Which Merlin's Isle character are you?

1. What is your greatest strength?
Intelligence. Your best weapon is kept right between your ears, and you know how to use it.
Loyalty. Once someone earns your regard, you’ll never let them down—even if it kills you for trying.
Perception. You have a nearly flawless knowledge of what’s going on around you – no, it’s not magic, you’re just good at using your eyes and ears.
Enthusiasm. Whatever it is, you’re ready and raring to go—and will put 110% effort into it.
Common sense. Actually it’s not as common as the name would suggest – that’s why you stand out.
Cunning. You lay your traps for those mere mortals with deceptive ease … and laugh as they walk right into them.

2. What about weaknesses?
Stubbornness. You, back down? Hardly! You’ll fight to the end, and once your opinion is formed, it’s hard to change – even if you know you should be more flexible.
Pride. Sure, you might not go out of your way to make others think well of you—but you’ll be damned if they think less. Unfortunately, this can get you into situations that are really not smart.
Big mouth. Oops—did you say that? Sometimes those zingers have too much zing to them – the problem is, the one who suffers most from that is you.
Impulsiveness. Stopping and thinking isn’t one of your strong points – and this tends to land you in a lot of trouble.
Timidity. You have a very hard time saying “no” to anyone … even if you really, really want to.
Power hunger. There comes a point where too much ambition becomes … unhealthy. Some would say that you reached that point a long, long time ago.

3. If you could be any animal, you would be a…
a.Merlin. Somehow, you’ve always felt a connection to that bird …
b.Wolf. A good fighter and dedicated to pack—that’s you.
c.Tiger. Strong, independent, street-smart, and with just a little taste for fun. Oh, and very good at kicking behind.
d.Golden Retriever. Very friendly and up for just about anything.
e.Dove. A symbol of quiet and peace – just like you seek quiet and peace in your own life. But they can also fly in the big world out there …
f.Viper. Your fangs are poisonous – and you have no compunction about using them.

4.Your family is heading down a path you disagree with strongly, that you know is wrong, that pits you against many of your closest, dearest friends … and they want you along for the ride. You …
a.Politely decline, though assure them you’ll be there if they really need you.
b.Bite the bullet and go along with it, getting angrier all the time, both at your family—and yourself.
c.Flat-out refuse. You’ve got to be true to the person you see in the mirror first – everyone else later.
d.After a bit of soul-searching, go with them. They are your family, and you can understand why they’re heading down that path. But you voice your disapproval at every chance you get.
e.Go along with the family. You don’t have a choice.
f.You are the leader of your family. They’re not doing anything without your express permission – even if they don’t always know it.

5.Your theme song is:
a.“Breakaway” – Kelly Clarkson
b.“Hero” – Chad Kroger
c.“Freak Out” – Avril Lavigne
d.“Life of a Salesman” – Yellowcard
e.“White Houses” – Vanessa Carlton
f.“Just Like You” – Three Days Grace

6.Fate …
a.May be out to get you, but that doesn’t mean you won’t fight it to the end.
b.It’s probably all planned out – you might not go along initially, but you know when it’s futile to resist. (Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll actually give in.)
c.Doesn’t exist. You’ll take charge of your own destiny, thank you very much!
d.Who cares? It’s not like you can know what’s coming. Live life to the fullest while you’ve got it.
e.It’s out there—definitely. And there’s no point in doing anything other than giving in.
f.Is so easy to work to your advantage. Really, you have a lot to thank Fate for … especially since it wasn’t expecting you.

7.Favorite color?
f.Smokey gray.

8.Your attitude toward love and/or your significant other …
a.Partners forever – through anything and everything. You honestly don’t know what you’d do without him/her.
b.You’d do anything for him/her. They’re everything to you.
c.The person might seem like your polar opposite – but you know how to connect. You know how to make it work.
d.Ok—so you might—flirt—just a little—with other people. But deep down, you’re attached and you know it.
e.Your mind, heart, soul, body—everything’s saying yes! But everyone else is saying no. What’s a poor girl/guy to do?
f.Love? You have no time for such paltry attachments … though maybe … no, no, you don’t. You don’t need anyone.

9.Life has just sucked recently, you’ve been really stressed out – and now, that big meathead who you absolutely hate has gone and vilely insulted your s/o. You …
a.Enact a subtle revenge—and quickly. You’re not about to get a remark like that go unpunished … however, getting yourself pounded into the floor isn’t going to help anyone, either.
b.Hit them. Just hit them. They’ve crossed the line this time.
c.Spit out some high-quality insults so fast that you’re long gone before they even figure out exactly what you called them.
d.Angrily demand that they apologize – and when they don’t, go for them … realizing only after you wind up in the ER that maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. Oh, well, you can cash in on the pity points later.
e.Want to say something—desperately—but don’t. They’re so big and scary-looking …
f.Do nothing—for the moment. However, when your moment comes … oh, their death will be long and painful.

10.Your weapon of choice is …
c.Way with words.
f.Cunning and deception.

11.If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
a.Somewhere forested and remote.
b. In a rural area. Peace and quiet – but not totally out of reach of civilization.
c.Big city, here you come!
d.Someplace extreme – deserts, mountains, Great Plains during tornado season. Double the danger and double the adventure – right?
f.Wherever the seat of power is.

12.Your favorite subject in school is …
f.You don’t play favorites with school subjects – you can pick up knowledge from all sorts of … uncanny places …

13.And for “lucky” 13 – you’re most likely to get yourself killed …
a.Fighting the forces of evil.
b.Trying to save the ones you love. Better to die than live knowing you could have saved them and did nothing.
c.Just havin’ fun, and definitely with fireworks.
d.On a quest. Life’s all about the adventure, right?
e.As an innocent bystander.
f.Trying to take over the world.