Which Arthurian Knight are you?

1.What are you most famous for?
Having it all. Bravery, adventure, moderate success, and a healthy relationship with a significant other.
Achieving the impossible – and wisely stopping there.
Throwing it all away for love.
Reaching the top – and a spectacular tumble back to earth.
Growing up right in the middle of the biggest quest of a generation, and still managing to come out successfully.
Letting nothing sway you from your convictions

2. What is most important to you?
Happiness – your own and everyone else's if you can manage it.
Virtue – you do seem to have them all, don't you?
Love – because without it, isn't everything else meaningless.
Fame – It's the only way to immortality, despite whatever Sir You-Know-Who might tell you
Greatness – you don't want to be the best, you just want to have proven yourself.
Scrupulous correctness – getting everything exactly right.

3. How would the minstrels describe you?
Brave, noble, just enough the “underdog”
Otherworldly, Mysterious, Driven
Tragic, Valiant, Romantic
Adventurous, Strong, Hot-tempered
Eager, Innocent, Gallant
Chaste, Loyal, Righteous

4.What is your biggest fault?
Optimism – Not everyone is worth believing.
Coldness – Sometimes you have to let people in.
Overly Passionate – It's okay to take the low road once in a while.
Hot-headed – Think before you act, not act before you think.
Naivety - Sure, innocence can be a good thing, in your line of work though, it's likely to get you killed.
Judgmental – Just because it's your way, doesn't make it right for everyone.

5.Who's the most important woman in your life? Why?
Your wife – you're partners and building a life together.
Sister Dindrane – because she was instrumental in your quest.
Your lover – because she's your inspiration for greatness.
You'll have to consult your little black book and get back to me on that.
There isn't anyone in particular, you've been too busy trying to figure things out.
The Holy Virgin – because she's only the most important (and only worthwhile) woman in the universe.

6.What is your relationship to your family like?
You love your family, but you don't always love what they do.
You don't really have a relationship with your family, though attempts were made to improve it.
Don't ask.
Basically they're everything to you. Mess with them and die, and you have the bodies to prove it.
You love them very much, but they have this unfortunate tendency to die on you.
You love your family, though some would dispute it.

7.What is your favorite animal?
Golden Retriever

8.What would your ideal day be like?
A tourney exhausting enough to keep your family out of trouble, but plenty of deeds to brag about.
To make progress in your quest.
Spending a romantic day with your lady-love, bragging about your great deeds.
Knocking some deserving heads together then spending an enjoyable afternoon with an... affectionate companion.
A day spent questing—and never once putting your foot in.
Some time in church, followed by praying, followed by haranguing some sinners, followed by more praying, and if you're lucky you finish it all up in time for Vespers.

9.Who would you give it all up for?
The people you care about.
Nobody really.
That would require having it all to begin with.

10.How did you die?
Killed by your best friend. But he didn't see you! Honest!
Having achieved earthly perfection, you chose to skip the fall from grace and exit in a state of grace.
Stabbed in the back by your lover's spouse while you sat harping at his/her feet.
Multiple head injuries.
Stayed behind with the Grail.
Died Crusading on Good Friday