Sir Mordred of Orkney

Name: Mordred

Age: 27

DOB: May 1st

Hair color: Ebony

Eye color: Smokey gray

Theme Song: “Just Like You” Three Day’s Grace

Favorite Book: Machiavelli’s The Prince, who cares if it wasn’t written until 1000 years after his time?

Favorite Movie: N/A

My name is Mordred of Orkney, and I am Camelot’s worst nightmare.

I was born of the incestuous union between King Arthur and his sister, Morgause of Orkney. My mother bore me to wreak revenge on her half-brother for the death of her father, Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall. Revenge she will get, for when I was born it was prophesized that I would be the downfall of Camelot. My father tried to kill me when I was an infant because of this prophecy. So my revenge will be for me, as well.

My mother tried to teach me that my family – my father excluded – was my closest source of succor and support, that my kin would never let me down and I must, in turn, never let them down. It was my father’s lesson – that those in power will fight to keep it, be it against kin or strangers – that stuck, though. When I gain his throne – for I am the heir apparent, the eldest son of Arthur (for, since he has no legitimate children, the throne must go to an illegitimate one) – it is that lesson I will live by.

I am a sorcerer and a warrior, a canny politician and military man. I am a deadly enemy and a worthwhile ally – that is, I will ally with anyone who makes it worth my while. I have been likened to a wolf and a viper.I will depose Arthur, I will grab the reins of power in England, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop me.

Though of course those brats – my younger half-siblings, Thomas and Jessica, and their friends, Sir William, Lady Danielle, Lady Gwendolyn – will try. Still, they will fail. Of that, I have no doubt.

I have no qualms with hurting the “innocent”, even if they are of my own blood. After all, when was I spared because of my innocence or blood ties?

Dowager Queen Nimue

Name: Nimue

Age: 35

DOB: May 19th

Hair color: Chestnut

Eye color: Blue with violet streaks

Theme Song: “Gollum’s Song” Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Soundtrack

Favorite Book: Didn’t have much of a literary education.

Favorite Movie: N/A

Ooh, hel-lo! And who might you be, fair stranger? I am Nimue, daughter of Nentres and Elaine of Garlot, wife of Pelleas, mother of Ryd, Steren, Margh and Eseld. I am the niece of the king and of Morgan le Fay, but it was my aunt Morgause of Orkney who taught me my skills in the arcane, particularly scrying. I also trained for a time under Merlin, the great wizard – before Aunt Morgause and I locked him in a cave. He was a threat to our plans, you see.

Oh, it’s no secret whose side I am on! Uther Pendragon sullied the honor of all the blood of Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall, and that honor will only be won back with blood. Besides, Aunt Morgause … she taught me that it was all right to be a woman and to want things. She took me in, raised me and loved me when my own mother threw up her hands because her daughter wasn’t the pliant milksop she wanted.

But—whatever my detractors say—I am not a failure as a woman or as a mother. I love my children to death, and the one who hurts them will pay. Slowly. Painfully. Remember that, world.

Kayla Pickman

Name: Kayla Pickman

Age: 17

DOB: February 28th

Hair color: Bleached blonde

Eye color: Contact blue

Theme Song: “Hit me, Baby, One More Time” Britney Spears

Favorite Book: Um, like, does Cosmo magazine count?

Favorite Movie: Bring It On

Um, hi, could you give me a minute, I’ve kinda got to take this call. *to her cell phone* Uh huh—uh huh … Oh my God. Like, OH my GOD. You’re kidding! … You’re not kidding? No way!

*ten minutes later, hanging up her cell phone* Ok, I can talk now. Oh, I’m Kayla. Kayla Pickman, co-captain of the squad at John F. Kennedy High School. The cheerleading squad, what squad did you think it was? The frying squad?

Eew, you want to talk about them? Well, all right. Jessie Pendragon and Dannie Ferreira are, like, the biggest freaks in the school. I should know, I was forced to grow up only three blocks away from them. Anyway, Dannie’s normal as far as freaks go. Black hair, black clothes, way too much eyeliner, no tan. A Goth, a rebel without a clause. Like, puh-lease, give me a break already, life doesn’t suck that bad. Jessie’s just … weird. You think she’s normal, then she does something or says something and you know she’s not. I mean, honestly. She’s such a poseur. If you’re gonna be a freak, at least be a real freak.

… Though I will say, she’s got great taste in guys …

Hilary "Madame Mussolini" Moschella

Name: Hilary “Madame Mussolini” Moschella

Age: 53

DOB: January 27th

Hair color: Medium golden blonde

Eye color: Green-flecked brown

Theme Song: “Bitch” Meredith Brooks

Favorite Book: The Chocolate Wars by Robert Cormier

Favorite Movie: Movies? Who has the time for such frivolous pursuits?

Who? Yes, I’m Hilary Moschella. Mrs. Moschella, to you. What?! Madame Mussolini! Who called me that?

Oh, it’s a thankless job, high school assistant principal. Whenever a kid gets into trouble, it’s always my fault, and I have screaming parents on my back. Try to raise your kid right, then he won’t get into trouble! And then there are the others—not the real troublemakers, who I understand, but the ones who aren’t well-behaved enough to be angels and aren’t bad enough to be devils. Pick one side or the other, kids, I don’ t have time to deal with shades of gray.

Ferreira and Pendragon! Ooh … those two make me see red. Well, more Ferreira than Pendragon, Pendragon seems like a tag-along to me. Ferreira is one of those shades-of-gray kids I told you about. I suppose she behaves well enough, most of the time – but it’s abundantly clear that she has no respect for authority. Really! Kids these days!

What? Have either of them been acting strangely? How should I know? I don’t have time to check up on every student. Go ask their guidance counselors. Goodness gracious, the questions people ask …