Sir Dai ap Owain

Name: Dai ap Owain

Age: 16

DOB: May 23rd

Hair color: Light ash brown

Eye color: Olive-hazel

Theme Song: ďDancing through LifeĒ Wicked

Favorite Book: Why read when you could be out fighting, flirting, chilling or all three?

Favorite Movie: N/A

Good day. Yes, Iím Dai ap Owain. Sir Dai, now, I was knighted last May. Yes, Iím Welsh. Let me guess, it was the name that tipped you off? Or was it the accent?

Yes, I run with Sir Thomas and his friends. Tom and I tie for the least serious people in the group, though sometimes I think thereís more going on in Tomí s head than he lets on. Only sometimes, though. Most of the time heís refreshingly normal.

My father sent me to Arthurís court when I was twelve Ė well, he went with me to make sure I didnít get killed on the road Ė he thought it good to have a representative of our interests there, even if said representative was still a squire. Iíve learned a lot in my stay at Camelot, and even though the Welsh will always be for the Welsh, I do admire the king.

Still, I fear that there is somethingóbadógoing on at court. I canít put my finger on quite what it is Ö but I donít like it. Good thing I have Wales to retreat to.

Sir Rainier de Ganis

Name: Rainier de Ganis

Age: 16

DOB: November 24th

Hair color: Brown-black

Eye color: Muddy green

Theme Song: ďBigger than my BodyĒ John Mayer

Favorite Book: The Aeneid by Virgil

Favorite Movie: N/A

Bonjour! Oh, you want me to speak in English? Thatís fine. Iím Rainier de Ganis, son of Lionel de Ganis. The second son, the spare, but my father was a second son too. And Corentin is a good older brother, so itís all right.

Iíve lived in Camelot since I was twelve, though I still donít quite fit in. My cousin Will does his best, and his acceptance does a lot for getting Corentin and I accepted, but you can only expect so much out of a basically shy person. Iím still only a squire, though, so maybe when Iím a knight Iíll go on quests like Father, Oncle Bors and Sir Lancelot and win fame and fortune for myself.

L-lady Gwendolyn? Well Ö um Ö she Ö sheís perfect, really. A model maiden. Butóbut itís not like it matters how I feel about her. Her father will never let me court her. Iím the second son, even if she is illegitimate and probably will have to make do with a second son. And Iím her cousin, so neither family really gets anything from the match. Still Ö a man can dream Ö

Sir Bennet of York

Name: Bennet of York

Age: 16

DOB: November 12th

Hair color: Dark natural blonde

Eye color: Indigo blue

Theme Song: ďOrdinaryĒ Train

Favorite Book: The Bible

Favorite Movie: N/A

Greetings. I am Bennet of York, squire and son of Benedict of York, one of Arthurís most loyal men. Oh, donít think youíll recognize the name. My father Ė all of us Yorks Ė are loyal in a more prosaic way than the knights like Sir Lancelot or Sir Gawaine. The knights go on quest to bring glory to the Kingís name, while men like my father stay home. We serve the King by being good lords to our vassals, good stewards of the land, and guarding the York coast. Weíre there for him in battle if he needs us, but we much prefer to stay home.

Iím going to be a knight soon, though I donít think Iíll be very good at it. Iím not much of a fighter Ė honestly, Iíd rather be in the Church. But Iím my fatherís only heir, so I donít have a choice. Luckily, Tom Pendragon allows me to be one of his companions. He says we need someone with more brain than brawn, to make up for the lack of brain on everyone elseís part.

Everyone around court has been whispering about something going on Ö something bad, something to do with Mordred. Even Tomís been troubled recently. I canít tell what it is Ö but Iím Arthurís man to the end. And Tomís.

Sir Corentin de Ganis

Name: Corentin de Ganis

Age: 17

DOB: February 10th

Hair color: Raven black

Eye color: Oak brown

Theme Song: ďWelcome to my LifeĒ Simple Plan

Favorite Book: Julius Caesarís Gallic Wars

Favorite Movie: N/A

Bonjour. Mon nom est Corentin de Ganis, fils de Lionel de Ganis. Ehóyou wish to speak in English? Very well, English it will be, since I find myself in the court of Camelot.

I am, as I said, the son of Lionel de Ganis, son of King Bors of Gannes. I was raised in France with my brother Rainier. We traveled to England for fostering and training when I was fourteen and Rainier twelve. We have befriended our second cousin, Will Ė Guillaume, I call him, when I am in the mood to annoy him Ė and his friends, the Kingís son and his companions. They are good enough sorts, if hopelessly English.

Still, England is not my home, and the court of Camelot may be the greatest in the world, but it is still a foreign court to me. The English worship Lancelot, Father, Oncle Bors, but the rest of us they view with thinly veiled suspicion. I like it not. Trouble will come to us because of this schism. At least I know our family will stick together, come what may.

King Ryd

Name: King Ryd

Age: 16

DOB: April 14th

Hair color: Dark auburn

Eye color: China blue

Theme Song: ďBelieveĒ Yellowcard

Favorite Book: The Odyssey by Homer

Favorite Movie: N/A

Hello. Iím Ryd, King of the Out Isles, son of Pelleas and Nimue. My father died two years ago, and Iíve been trying as best I can to live up to his memory. He was a good king and great knight. My mother Ö the denizens of Camelot donít like her, but she was young when she made herómistakes. I think she was more misguided than evil, and I think sheís outgrown her Ö tendencies. I know she loves my brother and two sisters and I as any mother would.

I suppose Iím a bitódifferent than most of the men of Camelot. I notice that I listen when the ladies speak, where most of them just nod and take no mind of what they say. I think I listen more in general than most people. And I notice that Iím quieter than most of the other young men. Maybe Iím just a country bumpkin Ö and maybe thatís why Iím so attracted to Lady Danielle, because she is different too Ö Butóever since I came to Camelot, Iíve noticed that things have beenótroubled. Even my mother is acting differently. Sheís been quite close to Sir Mordred. I hope theyíre not planning anything Ö bad Ö