About the Merlin's Isle Triology

What if:

Arthur had other children besides just Mordred?

It would fall to these children to face Mordred if Arthur failed?

One of the children spent three quarters of the year as an ordinary teenager in the twenty first century?

Her twin brother were a fifth century knight?

One year a street-smart friend from the 21st century came down to Camelot?

Lancelot had a ward that was growing into the great knight his guardian was?

One of the timid maidens of the court of Camelot wasn't half as spineless as she seemed?

The story of Camelot extended far beyond the Battle of Salisbury extended all the way into the twenty-first century?

Sixteen-year-old Jessica Pendragon seems to be a perfectly normal teenage girl. Sure, there are some idiosyncrasies the fact that the lights flicker when she's angry, that she knows the Arthurian legend cover to cover, that she spends her summers and Christmases in England, that her violet eyes sometimes seem to be almost glowing but everyone is allowed their weird points, right?


What Jessie's friends, classmates and acquaintances don't know is that she happens to be the illegitimate daughter of King Arthur. She does spend her summers and Christmases in England, but it's not twenty-first century London it's sixth-century Camelot. The lights flicker and her eyes glow because she is a sorceress, training off-and-on with her aunt, Morgan le Fay, since she was nine years old.

But now the foundations of Camelot are crumbling; and the menace of Mordred, Jessie's evil half-brother, threatens to stretch into the twenty-first century. Can she, her twin brother Tommy, and their friends Will, Dannie and Lynn stop him before it's too late?